The MuseScore team

Thomas Bonte

Besides playing the piano, one of the other interests of Belgian Thomas Bonte has been building community websites for musicians. Being an experienced Drupal developer, Thomas decided to build a home for the MuseScore user and contributor community at in 2008. His entrepreneurial instinct made him decide to go all in on MuseScore and change how people create, share and consume sheet music. By the end of 2009 the worldwide adoption of MuseScore started to take off. MuseScore reached the milestone of 100,000 downloads per month and the contributor community had grown to more than 100 people. In order to secure the future development of MuseScore and sustain its growth, Thomas formed a company with MuseScore lead developer Werner Schweer and core contributor Nicolas Froment. They created to let MuseScore users easily share their sheet music with others and take their sheet music collection with them on mobile devices. If Thomas is not behind his computer, you may find him evangelizing MuseScore in some part of the world.

Nicolas Froment

Born and raised in Toulouse France, Nicolas Froment has ever been attempting to combine his two main hobbies: playing drums and computer programming. In the summer of 2005 he wrote Java based software to convert textual tablature notation to nicely printed sheet music and threw it on the internet. In 2008 Nicolas started to work on Qt/C++ based MuseScore, fixing bugs and porting the software from Linux to Windows and Mac OS. Today Nicolas coordinates the MuseScore developer community and welcomes new developers on the forum. If you don’t find Nicolas in the #musescore IRC channel, he is most likely at one of the Music Hack Days somewhere on this globe hacking on MuseScore and integrating it with one of the many music API’s. Nicolas is the architect of the infrastructure which runs on the Amazon Web Services and API developed on Drupal. As the future of MuseScore is closely tied to mobile applications, Nicolas is leading the development of the MuseScore apps for mobile platforms.

Werner Schweer

Germany based software developer and pianist Werner Schweer is the MuseScore lead developer. He started to scratch his own itch in 2002, looking for a way to notate his piano compositions. Over the years, Werner has been crafting MuseScore with an eye for the smallest details to obtain the best typesetting quality. Many years later and with the help of an ever growing open source contributor community, MuseScore has become the leading music notation software, available for all platforms and translated in 45 languages. Since 2010, Werner works full time on the development of MuseScore. In his spare time he plays piano, goes to concerts or takes a bike ride in the German woods.


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