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Set the instrument and volume of each part. Mute or soften it, or make it play solo.

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Get access to all PDFs with individual parts for print. As a free MuseScore member, you can only download parts from scores by Pro members.

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More storage

Get limitless online storage for your sheet music collection. Your scores are safely backupped, but also ready to share with one simple link.

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Get access to deeper stats, find out how popular your scores really are, build your fanbase and connect with fellow musicians and followers.

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Pin scores to the top of your profile with Spotlight. By becoming Pro you’re totally in control of your scores.

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Send your scores to your YouTube channel, optionally adding your own custom audio track, to make it even more shareable and social media proof.

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Better browsing experience without ads for you and no ads on your scores for other musicians

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When I discovered MuseScore, a door was opened exposing an outlet that let me freely express my music. The application coupled with my MuseScore Pro account allowed me to produce, refine and present the volume of my music to friends, Churches, other musician and even critics. I have grown as a musician due in large part to these resources.
Mike Magatagan - 2247 followers - 3251 scores

Why should I become a Pro member?

MuseScore provides free and powerful software to write, play and print music. Our on-site social sharing features allow you to distribute and expose your work in the most engaging way.

Whether you want to have well-synced online access to your scores on all your devices, share it easily within your choir, band, orchestra or classroom, get feedback from the world’s largest community of sheet music creators, or simply publish it for the world to discover it. Our ad-free platform takes away all friction to view, listen and download your scores. For that reason, access to all sheet music is free. Why? Because we believe in the power of sharing and building out an audience of fans and followers.

In addition, you help to guarantee the existence and quality of our open-source software with your monthly or annual support. So thanks in advance, for loving MuseScore!

Can I sell my sheet music on

No, but you can get valuable feedback, gain exposure and grow your fanbase by sharing your scores within a strong community of more than 2 million musicians.

By publishing your scores online, you can distribute and share it within a click with your choir, band, orchestra, students, fans and followers.

This includes advanced sharing options within private or public groups, commenting, favoriting, syncing with YouTube videos, as well as external sharing features such as the secret-link facility, embedding on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Is MuseScore Basic just a free trial?

The MuseScore notation software is and will always be completely free. There is no trial version, you do import, export without limitations. We develop this software with the support of a vibrant open-source developer community so everyone can enjoy the thrill of making music.

To share your scores, we offer a base free account on this website allowing you to share up to five scores. Want to share more? Musicians upgrade to MuseScore Pro because they find they want to store or share more sheet music, get advanced dashboard customization, access to detailed analytics tools, and more.

Moreover, Pro members support the future development of the notation software so everyone can enjoy it forever.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, at any time. If you no longer need the added benefits of MuseScore Pro, you can cancel and downgrade back to Basic whenever you like.

What happens with my scores, when I cancel my Pro membership?

If your Pro membership expires or you decide to cancel, don't panic! None of your online scores will be deleted. Only the most recent five scores will remain accessible to you as well as other members depending on your score privacy settings. If you upgrade again, all of your online scores will become available to you again.

What are the advantages of purchasing a yearly plan?

A yearly commitment is discounted and offers you significant savings over the long-term purchase of a monthly membership.

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