Final Fantasy Melody

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Violin, Cello
This is a few songs from 7,10,13, and 9. It is very much like Lindsey Sterling's Final Fantasy Melody, but I added a few parts of my own. Let me know what you guys think.

Bump of the Chicken (Final Fantasy Zero)

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Violin, Cello
This is from FF Type-0 which I found to be one of my favorite songs. I was experimenting with this one as I never have worked with two seperate insturments and how to fit them together. I do hope that you enjoy this tune I put together. Feedback would be neat to.

Waltz of the Damned

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The rhythms are a bit rough but you should be able to figure it out... hopefully. If you haven't I would recommend listening to the original which you can find by just googling it. Feedback is appreciated too :)

Roxas Theme (Kingdom Hearts II)

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The notes of how to play Kingdom hearts 2: Roxas's Theme on the violin. Something about this doesn't seem quite correct, if there is a particular area that you can think of that need touching up please leave a comment