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Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Percussion • Bass
Something in 11/16 which switches between an almost 3/4 and an almost 4/4


2 parts2 pages02:001 year190 views
Flute • Oboe
Wind Duet for Flute and Oboe


5 parts10 pages02:161 year56 views
Flute • Oboe • Bassoon • Harp • Percussion
Pedal note Tonal Study in E - an 'E'-heavy melody with an 'E'-friendly chord sequence

Minor Hungarian Minor Waltz

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Very short experiment with a phrase in Hungarian Minor, inverted and transposed down a tone, rinse, repeat and spin. There's a blog post about the relevant inversions, at http://mi.doh.so/2015/04/the-invertible-hungarian-minor.html