World 3 - Super Mario Galaxy 2

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This piece plays in the World 3 Map in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I personally love how simple, but how emotional, it is, especially given the background associated with the world. I've uploaded this for reference to anyone who wishes to re-arrange it, and I OWN NOTHING. Let me repeat that, ALL COPYRIGHT GOES TO NINTENDO. If you'd like me to take it down, let me know and I will do it immediately…

Mario Kart Wii Daisy Circuit Midi Quintet

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Flute • Guitar • Piano • Bass • Percussion (2)

A musescore exclusive!
I generally upload these to youtube as well, however, there was apparently copyrighted material in the midi playback? Nintendo was not the one claiming? ?????
Anyway, enjoy, I'm a bit salted right now, youtube is pissing me off.

Toad´s Turnpike (Remake)/Darkrai RaceCourse

10 parts76 pages02:351 year458 views
Baritone Saxophone • Other woodwinds • Keyboard • Synthesizer • Organ • Soprano Saxophone • Percussion • Tuba

Upprunalega lagið er gert með Nintendo , Höfundarréttarvarið fyrir Mario Kart 64 árið 1996 .

Ég hef gert þetta remix þann 13. apríl 2016 og hlaðið það þann 24. apríl 1996 .

Vinsamlegast notið !!

This remix I plan to Use for A racecourse that I am Making for a friend.

Mushroom Gorge

7 parts15 pages01:212 years3,619 views
Flute • Other woodwinds • Bass (2) • Synthesizer (4) • Percussion

Mario Kart Wii's (and 3DS') Mushroom Gorge setup from Nintendo.

Moo Moo Farm

8 parts26 pages01:572 years1,648 views
Percussion (4) • Harmonica • Violin • Guitar • Contrabass

Mario Kart DS's Moo Moo Farm (and MK8's Yoshi Valley) setup from Nintendo.


Maple Treeway

14 parts13 pages02:092 years4,937 views
Soprano Saxophone • Percussion (5) • Piano • Harmonica • Strings (2) • Guitar • Bass

UPDATED!!!! Mario Kart Wii's (and 3D's) Maple Treeway Setup From Nintendo and vgmusic.

Mario Kart 8: Super Bell Subway

8 parts13 pages01:462 years3,658 views
Trumpet • Trombone • Clarinet • Soprano Saxophone • Guitar • Bass • Percussion • Keyboard

So I haven't gotten around to putting in dynamics or articulations... just the notes and rhythms pretty much. I need to figure out the drums too. I threw in a soprano sax, cause... why not?

Xenoblade Chronicles Theme Full Score

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Violin (2) • Viola • Cello • Contrabass • Clarinet

This is the main theme for Xenoblade Chronicles for Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello and Clarinet.

Waluigi Pinball

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Theme from Waluigi Pinball in Mario Kart DS
Note: This is in concert pitch.