Arctic Monkeys

Do I Wanna Know?

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Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion
A new updated version of "Do I Wanna Know?" for its upcoming one-year anniversary. It's unbelievable a score so simple can get more than 2,000 views! I've added more variety to the drums and fixed the Chorus and Outro a bit. I hope you enjoi :)
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Fluorescent Adolescent

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Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion
Here is Arctic Monkeys single "Flourescent Adolescent" from their third album "Favourite Worst Album". Original piano arrangement by Stephanie Truitt and Piano transcription by Zach Tucker. The drums were arranged by Josisen. View all their scores and recordings down below.

Updated it to the key of Eb so it'll be easier to play and also will have a more upbeat feel to it. --1/15/2018--

Zach Tucker's Profile:

Stephanie Truitt's Recording:

Josisen's Score:

R U Mine?

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Tenor Saxophone, Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion

Back in June, I had this financial crisis but since September, I started working on new projects! I love arranging and composing and I can't wait for what the future holds for this channel. 👌💪 Thank you to everyone for being patient with me. This is one of Arctic Monkeys hit singles, R U Mine? from their 5th studio album, AM. Enjoi 🙂🎷

Update 1-11-19: Fixed the drum part near the outro and changed the key to Bb Concert

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I Wanna Be Yours

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Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Guitar(2), Percussion
The third and final score for today. (I think I'm gonna chill out on Arctic Monkeys for a while lol 😂 ) but the song has been an moderate challenge for me with the glissendos and the chord progression, but I love a challenge. This is "I Wanna Be Yours" from their 5th studio album, AM. I hope you enjoi. 🙂


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Trumpet, Guitar(2), Percussion
The second out of three songs that will be published today and all will be Arctic Monkeys. 👌 The song was mainly a pretty simple song to do with basic chords throughout the song, but this is also an experimental score for me because it's my first score with trumpet! I tried with Soprano and Alto Sax, but it doesn't sound good (It pains me to say that 😣). Anyways, This is Arctic Monkeys last track, 505, on their sophomore studio album, Favourite Worst Nightmare. I hope you love it. 🤘😍

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