Uncle Remus

Uploaded on Dec 30, 2013

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On Apostrophe (') do we find this phenomenal song, Uncle Remus. It's written by Frank Zappa and his pianist at the time, George Duke.
I have arranged it for piano, of course, bass, lead song and the background choir. The guitar solos is also written down. It's the original solo from the vinyl edition, which contains two measures that is not include on the cd version. However, you can't write down bends and other thing that Zappa was doing, in Musescore, so the solos is only the tones with legato as most. But I think it sounds good for being played by a computer.
I hope you enjoy it!

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Pages 28
Duration 3:05
Measures 60
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 5
Part names Piano
Voice (2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I've been a Zappa fan for a long time but I only just now got around to learning any of his songs. I tool love the Bb minor to A7#5 cadence.

I am allways happy to meet advocates of Zappa. He himself was himself a master but i actually know very little about his pop compositions except for that hit he and his daughter had and some tv footage i saw of him making music using unconventional instrumentation ,not original of course but a great place to start as a 2nd generation composer.His pop music has everything in it from folk nations to electronic investigations.As an orchestator he has great imagination and he brought the guitar,electronics and other folk instruments into the orch. vocabulary
The piano score should be rewritten so a pianist can play the part- as it is it requires 3 hands and much pedal to hide the spacings .Its a small problem most should be able to make the changes when they read the score.
It is wonderful to find this music i will go to youtube and do some research on this aspect of Zappa .He accomplished so much in so many different fields.I hope to study electronic music in school and discover his influence there.As it is im studying orchestration, have 2 violin concerti,2 piano concerti and many orchestral works on my table a few posted here under 21st century boy.I hope I can find more Zappa posted in the future.

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Yeah, he is definately one of the most influential rock composers they have been active so far. I think he's number one when it comes to time signatures/odd instruments in this genres/improvisation/lyrics/humour.
If you should do some researches, i can recommend his albums "Apostrophe (')", which this songs appear, "Over-nite Sensation" and "Hot Rats", as a start. It's only to send a message if you want more tips. I am grown up with his music, because Zappa is number one for my father.
Are you studying orchestration? Then we are the opposite of each other. I play rock/pop music in school, actually we got a Zappa ensemble in school 1 hour a week.
You can start follow me, because I'm going to upload more Zappa in the future!

This was quite incredible. I really love his harmonies. The Bflat minor chord is so poignant!!!!!!
Thanks so much for posting this!