Gaur Plain WIP

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Work in progress... again. I have been forgetting to do this so I finally started it. Credit to Jonny Music for inspiration and the base of this score. Check out his organ cover for this song.

What else am I going to be doing?

-Sorrowing meadows (Dusk and elysian tail)

-natewantstobattle music? I was thinking maybe phantom or a full arrangement of In my world (blue exorcist natewantstobattle cover)

-Welcome to the black parade

feel free to leave requests

Halo theme

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Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
T-pose while listening to dis. Finally I made an only orchestra arrangement of something! Its kinda ironic cuz I dont know any band instruments... well anyway sorry bass because you dont have any good parts in this song...(not sorry)

Electro Swing

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Piano, Trumpet, Bass(2), Percussion
This is another of my full arrangements of fortnite emotes. I hope ya'll enjoy this one! I know a lot of people (including me) like this emote a lot. It is one of my favorite emotes. If you guys want to see another full arrangement of an emote or song you like, comment below and maybe I'll take the challenge!

Knee slapper

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Guitar(3), Bass, Percussion(2)
This is one of my favorite Fortnite emotes. It sounded empty without banjo or guitar so I decided to make a full arrangement of the piece. It sounds good with both Violin and Guitar as the main instrument but I will only upload this arrangement for it. if any notes are unplayable on violin, just use the top notes and it should be good (or any notes you want really)

Next up for a full arrangement is Electro swing!

Phone It In for soprano saxophone

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Soprano Saxophone
This was a request from someone on my Phone it in arrangement with other instruments. Hope ya'll enjoy this. Check out my other songs too!


Justice RIP

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This is Justice RIP from Fire Emblem Fates. It's my favorite song in that game. I found a score like this by Crystal Geno. It was stolen because I found almost the exact sheet music on media fire that I got from a video. This is the same music except I cleaned it up and made it better.
For fans who know the game and love to play it I will say this, Im a fan of Nohr so don't be killing Xander and all... Conquest and Revelation are the best parts. Fire Emblem Fates Birthrights is the easiest most dumbed down Fire Emblem in the history of Nintendo. It is too easy in my opinion...

Update: Yay I finished this score today! This is the final.

This Will Be The Day

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Piano, Guitar(3), Percussion
Thanks to lucky13 (and Jeff William's student in Berkeley University) for some parts of this arrangement. I changed up a lot of things because it didnt sound right so i hope y'all like it...
This is the first song you hear in the web animation RWBY by RoosterTeeth. I REEEEEAALLLY recommend you watch it. I'll admit that volumes 1-2 are trash but the story gets so good. If you are going to watch it then start from the beginning anyway because it lays out the story and you NEED the story to know whats going on. RoosterTeeth also has some summaries of what happened from volumes 1-3 in case you really dont want to watch it. Also RWBY is an American anime so you aren't considered a weeb if you like it. And it is an animation for both guys and girls (even though the main characters are female) Also RIP Monty Oum ( the creator of many RoosterTeeth animations) you will forever be in our memory.

Phone it in Emote

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Alto Saxophone, Piano, Percussion, Bass
I did this in 10 minutes because this emote is just so cool. I have never used any other instruments other than orchestra and piano instruments so this is my first time. Leave me some feedback. I synthesized the instruments to sound fuller and more like the one in Fortnite.

The legend of Zelda: Bamboo Island

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You Zelda fans should all recognize this song. It's from that small island with the fat guy who tests how many times you can cut bamboo with your sword before it falls down. This island is only found in the Legend of Zelda skyward sword. it is the first game from the Zelda series that I played. I recommend it to all of you guys. It's a really good game! Tip: when you get to the trials, memorize the shortcuts!!! Sorry that there are no dynamics in the beginning and middle. I was lazy and I made it all under 30 minutes today.

Spear of Justice

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You all know this song. Thats why I decided to arrange it my style. I hope you like it! I don't really have much to say about the song mainly because the fandom is dead so yeah...

Yes I have played Undertale and NO I'm not going to play Deltarune because it seems like it is the same as Undertale except Frisk is now called Chris.

Fortnite Music For Beginners

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This compilation is made for piano players with a bit less experience but want to play Fortnite music. Feel free to tell me what I should add or if it is too hard.

Bad Luck Charm

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Question: SHOULD I ADD LYRICS??? This is Qrow's theme from the web animation RWBY. I recommend you watch it because it really is that good. Look up the song on YouTube if you want to hear the song itself. I had to get rid of the repeat because it wasn't working so the song is twice as long in pages. Sorry for the inconvenience! ITS FINALLY FINISHED GUYS!!!

Night Soul

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Well this is probably the easiest score I have uploaded (It took less than 3 hours) and I tried to make it playable and then it became impossible on the last two pages so IM SORRY. Also I don't know who made this song but it sounds very cool. I would say it is kinda like Glow in the Dark Bouncy Ball but this is way cooler and better. If you don't want to hear the whole thing at least listen from measure 20 to the third page. Again i'm sorry if this is unreadable but i'm just really lazy and don't feel like spacing everything out. Enjoy! update: i spaced it out somewhat...

-okay an hour after uploading i just made some minor fixes...

Fortnite music compilation

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Thanks to williamba13 for the first song! This is one giant compilation of Fortnite music and emotes. It is unfinished and PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS ON EMOTES TO ADD!!!! Some like Pop lock require a lot of percussion so I tried to make those as close as I could to the real thing without percussion (that requires some bottom hand that isn't in the actual song but sounds perfect when played) also please don't request boogie bomb or llama bell because those don't sound right on piano. These are all by ear and my arrangements...Please check out floss because that one is pretty lit.

-I released the first update and I added some requested songs. feel free to request more. Some songs were made more complicated because they are my favorites like OJ and The Robot so understand that some songs may be less entertaining than others.

Glow in the Dark Bouncy Ball

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So this is probably impossible to play unless you have several people and a lot of pianos but still it sounds cool. This is not my song but AgentRoop's so all credit to them. I arranged this by ear. It took me way shorter than expected (less than a day)

Fortnite Login Theme

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I noticed there was only one other arrangement for this Fortnite song so I decided to make my own for piano. Also this is my first score so please tell me how I did! Major update!!! The parts were separate for some reason. wasn't that good so now that im much better i fixed it and added "Night fury" flair.