Looking Back

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The title is due to the fact that this Rag was put together from jottings, sketches and ideas from about 40 years ago, now put into some kind of order with a couple of key changes and a little revision.

Girls und Panzer, Ooarai Compound Team

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This was actually made a few months back.

Piano arrange of the soundtrack in which members from all schools appear in the movie.

When I created half the score, (until halfway) I had no idea how to input triplets and was lazy to edit the 'battle hymn of the republic'. Sorry about that.

Flip Flap Flip Flap

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Percussion (3)

The ending theme for the fall 2016 anime Flip Flappers!! But instead of it being played on whatever instruments it was originally on, it's with just mallet percussion. I arranged this using GitHub's piano transcription (https://github.com/diponi/flipflap), and then added in a marimba part myself, which was fun to experiment with.

East 21st Street Rag

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Piano (2)

Although he clearly based his own compositions upon Joplin's and Scott's defining patterns, Joseph Lamb's work (with its distinctive melodic and lyrical style) has aroused my greatest respect and admiration since my own much younger days.