Polar Bear

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The tune this is based on is called "The Bear." Since this piece is played entirely on the white keys of the piano, the bear here is mostly likely a polar bear.

You can hear a better recording of the piece here: http://shuffly.net/zoop/ursine-melodies/

Futatsuiwa from Sado

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Mamizou Futatsuiwa's theme from "Ten Desires" arranged for solo piano.

I'm not entirely happy with this and may revisit it sometime.

Two Bad Apples

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"Bad Apple!!" arranged as a strathspey and a reel for the convenience of any Celtic musicians in Gensokyo.

U.N. Owen's Revenge

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Piano arrangements of "U.N. Owen Was Her?" are typically dark and dramatic, with lots of notes crammed into each measure. I thought I'd try something a little different.

You can hear a better-sounding recording of this arrangement at my website: http://shuffly.net/zoop/was-it-ulick-norman/

Centennial Festival for Magical Girls

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From "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil."

A few notes:

The run in measure 12 can be simplified or omitted.

The bass run in measure 58 can be dropped and the bass from measure 54 substituted.

From measure 63 on, the left hand should be much softer than the right. This might not be clear from the MuseScore playback. (There's a better-sounding rendering of this arrangement here: http://shuffly.net/zoop/a-hundred-years-of-mahou-shoujo/ .)

Ragtime Cirno

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"Beloved Tomboyish Girl" from "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" arranged as a miniature piano rag.

Eternal Shrine Maiden

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From "Highly Responsive to Prayers," the first game of the Touhou Project.