Hedwigs Theme - Violin Solo

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2015

Hedwigs Theme from the Harry Potter Movie Series

Composer: John Williams
Year Created: Unknown

If Anything Is Wrong Please Tell Me, I Want To Give You Guys The Maximum Attention
Feel Free To Criticize

(( I Am Not Advertising Anything, Only Done For Fun ))

Hedwigs Theme String Violin Solo

Pages 1
Duration 01:06
Measures 53
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Violin
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Great! One thing is that some of the bowing is messed up. But great job!
When I heard measures 44-51 I almost threw up, but other than that, gg.
I have been looking for Harry Potter music for a long time. Thank you so much!
I think you are missing a few e flats and the eight measure rest doesn't need to be there... but other than that great job!!
i was randomly looking around for sheet music and i thought this was a classical piece and then when i heard it i was like
wow this sounds like harry potter
you did well except on measure 44 to 51
awesome thanks iv been looking for something like this. its so hard to learn high notes on violin and everyone seems to think that everything needs to be high so thanks
It's really good! But an eight measure rest? really? Unless this is played with other instruments this is pretty unnecessary. Thanks though! I love this piece!
like it just the way it is, really good for beginner violinists
The title should say Hedwig's Theme.
Thank you.
The 8 measure rest is a little ridiculous in my opinion, and measure 1-35 needs more slurs. The song is supposed to be flowy, but without the slurs in there, it seems a little choppy. Otherwise, the song is great. Just a few tweaks here and there and it will be perfect.
The long 8 measure rest a 36 bothers me
But you're the one who transcribed Hedwig's Theme! But btw, I love this though!
in measure 19 and 20 there is no b a a b it's bgcb
Normally, in the measure 36, there is no Fa sharp
Yeah, it's silly but I'm kinf of proud that I noticed it too xD
i like this very much, but i agree with the others, it is not long enough and it neeeds more instruments. keep it up, you are still phenomenal!!!
this is perfect for an aduition i have todo
I learned the first part but man if is it hard! i've become first violin about a month ag but this is no joke my teachers are gonna love it!
Well if you are to do so take away the 8 measure rest and replace it with a 1 measure rest
Can you make it a little longer plz?
Are you sure about the F sharp in the second part?