Polonaise in Bb

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Aug 19, 2019

This is my attempt at writing a polonaise. I listened to quite a few Chopin polonaises and also looked up the typical polonaise rhythm. I have a few questions about it though. The A section of the polonaise is what I have written down. The A section of the A section is what my first few questions are about and is the exclusively diatonic section. The B section of the A section is more chromatic

1) Is the bass in the A section of the A section(bars 1-8 and 23-30) too dense?

2) In the consequent phrase(bars 5-8), is the bass too close to the melody? Should I bring it down an octave?

3) In the B section of the A section(bars 9-22), am I handling my chromaticism correctly or not?

4) Is it too much of me to expect a pianist to play a polonaise rhythm in octaves for the whole B section of the A section?

5) Do I smoothly transition into the inversion(left hand becomes right hand kind of inversion) or not?

6) Is my A section too repetitive with 2 periods and a motive sandwiched between the 2 periods and the repeat sign?

7) Is 30 bars enough for the A section of a piece that I expect to be 200 or so bars long, or should I extend my A section further?

Inspirational pieces:
Military polonaise(constant polonaise rhythm, just like in my A section, also has a ton of octaves)

Heroic polonaise(scalar chromaticism, again, just like in my A section, also has a ton of octaves)

Other than answering those questions, what do you think of my A section? How else could it be improved? Right now, I'm thinking of what to put in the B section

Chopin Polonaise Piano Solo Virtuosic

Pages 4
Duration 05:45
Measures 200
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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