So How do I Claim [BLANK]??? ANSWERED

I'm among the first, if not THE first person to successfully claim a dead group, and here's the basics on claiming that group that you want. 

DON'T add another discussion here. It's not going hurt your chances, but it won't be much help either. Instead, contact either the MuseScore admins or support. I don't remember which way worked, so I would try both if I were you.

10 months ago

Claim request for Orchestral Group


I have PMd the groups owner ( Trumviolpianclar ) to no response, and they are not on the first 35 pages of most active users. Since I am a fairly active user, on page 3 and I log on everyday and am an orchestral composer, I would like to claim the ownership of the group Orchestral Group. Thanks for your time and consideration.

-SSS5, Max C.

10 months ago

Claim Request


If you don't mind, I would like to request ownership of the group Piano Company, if no one else has yet to.

While there are active users in this group still, the owner themself (and a majority of, if not all of, the other admins) do not appear to have been active recently. I would love to revamp the group and start trying to build it up and maintain it again!

Thank you so much for your consideration! :)

10 months ago

Changes to Group Owner/Admin Policy

Groups are a terrific way to connect with other MuseScore users. There's a MuseScore group for every interest, and if there's not, you can create it.

When you create a new Group, you immediately become both Owner and Admin, and are responsible for all aspects of managing the Group. In order to keep our community both vibrant and actively maintained, we have updated the policy for Group Admin privileges.

Admins are an essential part of a vibrant community and should be actively involved in the management of the group. In the case that no administrator of a group has logged in to for a period of 90 days, the group is considered to be abandoned.

Any member may request to claim an abandoned group by submitting their request, including a link to the abandoned group, in the member support group. All requests will be responded to within 10 days of submission and members may submit only one claim request within a 90 day period.

If a claim request is approved, the requesting member becomes the owner and admin of the group, replacing the previous owner and admins, and have the same responsibilities of the original owner and admin, and are subject to the same conditions.

If a claim request is not approved, the status of the group remains unchanged.

In the case that a group has been considered abandoned and no suitable admin has submitted request, or the topic of the groups is determined to be essential to the community, a group may be claimed by the MuseScore team who will assume owner and admin responsibilities.

2 years ago

More options once group is made

Once a group is made, there is no way to change privacy settings or even delete the group. Please can you make a way for there to be more options, so when you click 'update this group' there are as many options as there are when you're still building the group. Thanks.

2 years ago