What is or was your most intensive piano drills or practice?

I am very new to Piano and for me it was scale drilling. I went through C, D, E major drills with right and left hands up three octaves back and forth 50 times which took about 10 minutes per hand so 20 minutes per scale and all up 60 minutes roughly for the three scales.

How about you?

Also, what are some tips to improve other than scales and right reading drills.

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14 days ago


Bonjour, j'ai commencé le piano il y a de cela deux mois mais j'ai encore des problèmes d'utilisation de la main gauche. J'ai beaucoup de mal à m'en servir. Auriez-vous des conseils ?
Merci d'avance

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10 days ago

Places We Wont Walk Composition?

Hi! I’ve been looking for a decent composition of places we won’t walk by Bruno Major for the longest time and I just can’t seem to find a good copy. Anyone know where I can find a good one or would be willing to write one?

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9 days ago

Looking for help with a piece I want!

Hi! I'm new to the community section of Musescore. I've been trying to find sheet music for piano for the "Tonya Suite" from the I, Tonya soundtrack by Peter Nashel. I can't find anything for this, and I have no clue on how to transcribe it myself. 

Any advice? Anywhere I should look for this? 

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11 days ago

Looking for Composers!

Hello fellow creators!

Everyone I see on here have some mad talent!

I'm a YouTuber with 17,000+ Subscribers and think I could help you out with some exposure as a fellow creator. I create weekly Singing Covers on my channel.

I need instrumentals/backings for new songs that come out and your composing could really fit well.

I'll of course credit and promote you in each video you help out with.

Let me know if you're interested.


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23 days ago


Hello! I have a youtube channel, but not many subscribers and views. I would really appreciate some tips to make it better and what you think is good and bad. 
My youtube channel is called elma03. 
Thank you!

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16 days ago

Cross-staff beaming!


Cross-staff beaming seems a little confusing to me as I haven't seen much of it or played any sheet music with this applied. However, now that I have seen some peices that I would like to learn that have cross staff notes, I need a better understanding.

Current Assumptions:

Let's dive into a scenario, a group of eighth notes are the last group in a bar on the bottom staff (left hand), the second note extends up into the top staff (right hand) while all the other notes remain on the bottom staff. Does this mean I play the second note with my right hand since it extends into the top staff? Or do I play all the notes with my left hand. 

I'm also guess that if the composer needs to play that particular notes with the other hand, crossing works where ledger lines don't communicate this information.

That's my understanding of how it works, please correct me if I'm wrong. 

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a month ago

New Song

I need to rest some week but first i need to write a piece...Can you help me with the song-concerto,duet Please.....

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5 years ago

More than a Piano group?

It wouldn't be a shot in the dark to say that the "Piano" group on Musescore is one of the largest and most active groups on the entire online platform. Right? SO much music gets uploaded here, practically on a daily bases and I must say, I am hugely fascinated by some of the compositions that people are sharing here.

This next question is more directed at the admins of this group although other opinions from normal group members will not go unnoticed.

Is this group turning into a general music platform, catering to so much more music BESIDES compositions featuring the piano . I admit I am guilty of this myself, but I have seen quite a few compositions and transcriptions of orchestral, band and chamber music being shared here as if this group is a general music sharing website and pays no homage to the group description, let alone the title.

I posted this discussion because I would like a bit of clarification on this subject before I start sharing more string quartet transcriptions without the full consent from the admins of this group.

Kind Regards
Friedrich Hueppe

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5 months ago

Help for piano partition


Sorry for my English but I am looking for the partition : Mattia Vlad Morleo - Respiro.
Very beautiful !
Someone have the partition piano please ? (PDF, MIDI)
My girlfriend would like to play it on the piano with Syntésia logiciel for traning ^^

Thank you very much

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a month ago

Piano Songs?

Hi. I am really bored playing songs for my piano exams or songs I've tried to learn but then couldn't really be bothered to learn. I recently performed River Flows in You by Yiruma and am now looking for some more beautiful Piano songs that I can learn. Any suggestions?

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3 years ago

BACHand pianoforte .

Bach knew the piano and miraculously after al the bombings during WW@ papers archived show Bach actually sold Pianos to a nobleman or at least procures them .Bach constantly rewrote or played his music on other insstrumenst - look at the lute pieces look at he keyboard versions of the violin music and hundreds (maybe) other examples . The piano has so many colors esp. when played by a resourceful executant that we all know Bach would have loved especiallly all of our modern instruments . If he had known the tam-tam and gong and synthesizer and lived in our times he wuld be making unbelievably clever music . If you know Rzewsky ,Bolcolm and thousands of others you already know unbelievable miracles are being accomplished daily .Rosalyn Tureck is so great .i always learn from her. Glenn Gould's genius is so musical I listen often without thinking but daily some magnificence of his musicality becomes more apparent . Ton Koopman is also an excellent keyboardist. Remember Bach most often wrote Klavier meaning any keyboard instrument at hand would be suitable an he sel more music that way .When I was achild I adored the organ .Now I ignore it . Hope this soon changes . Tra lala .

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5 months ago

Do you accept JSB's work played on the piano?

Today, people play JSB's keyboard music on the piano.
That may be taken for granted, but JSB didn't compose anything for that instrument: it is not that he didn't know its existence - the piano was there in his later years.
So I guess he had his reason for not choosing the piano for one of his recipes.

Thus I am not inclined very much toward playing his works on the piano.
Am I the only one who feel like that?

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3 years ago

Top 20 pianists

Let's see your's! A true test of pianistic knowledge.
In approximate order:
Ferrucio Busoni
Sviatoslav Richter
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Emil Von Sauer
Josef Hofmann
Glenn Gould
Moritz Rosenthal
Leopold Godowsky
Vladimir Horowitz
Lazar Berman
Josef Lhevinne
Arthur Friedheim
William Kappell
Eugene D'Albert
Ergon Petri
Samuil Feinberg
Sophie Menter (Unfortunate lack of recordings... I'll have to live with piano rolls)
Vera Timanova
Danil Trifonov
Wilhem Backhaus

And a few others I probably forgot...

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5 years ago

Beethoven vs Mozart

Everybody is saying Mozart better than Beethoven or Beethoven owns Mozart
Yes, I prefer Beethoven but i also like Mozart
Beethoven writed more music because Mozart died at age 35
BUT if somebody says MOZART was better than Bach im gonna find it
Bach is the music
The music means everyone learned from Bach
Mozart and Beethoven also loved so dont come to me with this stupid sentence OK?
Beethoven opened the gates of the romanticisms with his music so thats enough for me to say Beethoven was better.
So? Who do you prefer?

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4 years ago

An introduction to classical music.

I have recently found an interesting video of "non musicians" reacting to classical music.

Naturally, I find these kinds of videos as cheesy as you can possibly get. Then again, it does raise an interesting question: what would you play if you had to introduce people to classical music?

I'm interested to see what you think. Below, drop a list of 5 compositions of any classical genre (orchestral, chamber or piano solo) and maybe we can discuss our choices on this subject.
Stating performers or specific performances are optional.

So, What would your playlist be if you wanted to introduce friends and family to the world of classical music?

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9 months ago

10 most important composers in history?

In your opinion, what are the most important composers in music?
Which of them have made great contributions to the following generations?

In my opinion are:


In my opinion, without these composers, the direction of the music would be another.

For you what are?

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4 years ago


I think Schubert isn't as appreciated as he should be. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach... All of them are the composers that everybody talks about, but not Schubert. Schubert is my favorite composer, and I think he is very similar from Beethoven. They are the top of composers.
I would want to know what you think about Schubert and his brilliant mind.

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3 years ago