Has any one pulled off the most impossible jump in the game?

Kingdom: Metro Kingdom (New Donk City)
Location: On the construction girder east of the Odyssey
Techniques required: Ground Pound, Roll, Long Jump, Cap Dive, Midair Spin
Instructions: Head for the closest point on the girder that dents in toward the main area of the kingdom. stand back as far as possible without falling and face the north-west corner of the girder. jump and perform a groud pound (ZR / ZL / SR / SL in midair), and when you land, Flick your controller while still holding ZR / ZL / SR / SL, to perform a High-speed Roll (Make sure you move your left analog stick towards the corner during this jump starting now) . Jump (A / ❯) while rolling to Perform a Long Jump. when it looks like you're a tiny bit below the edge you're trying to get to, Do a Cap Dive (Throw Cappy, then dive immediately {Y / ❮ / Flick Controller, then Hit ZR / ZL / SR / SL  while Cappy's in the air}). When Cappy comes back, immediately hit A / ❯ to do a midair spin (this gives you a tad bit more air time.) after that attempt the cap dive again (you won't be able to bounce off Cappy again). If you did this all right, then you should be standing of the corner of the main are of the kingdom, pat yourself on the back. :)

NOTE: This is not a Mod Hack, I have pulled this off only twice (It is extremely difficult) and I don't do Mod hacks.

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SMO Glitches

A glitch page to see what glitches we can gather (useful or not.)

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I know that they sorta replaced the power ups with capture targets, but why can't they at least have the fire flower?!?

4 months ago

Friend code

type your friend code so we can all be friends and try to beat each other in koopa free running,jump rope,ect.

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