Advice and Help on Undertale related pieces.

Hello, I am working on two pieces right now. First is a piano cover for the glitchtale au song megalomaniac.  I could use some help making it into an Orchestral piece. Second is a Megalo Strike Back Orchestral with soundfonts. (remeber to select the youtube audio source) and on that one I could use general help on improvement and also writing harmonies for it.  Thanks.

4 months ago

Happy Boy

So I'm currently working a piece that no one has done before on Musescore. It's called Happy Boy End Theme by Kevin Macleod and I need a bit of help on the chords for the electric guitar.

If you need to hear it then it will be right here ---->

Score info: 70% swing ratio, 130 BPM, all done by ear, 30 bars long.

Instruments: Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Tuba and Drumset.

Contact me through on of my pieces, my email or through Skype which will be down below

Skype facebook:aaabug83

Thank you!

a year ago

Hey Guys

Hey guys, I'm meeblin, one of the admins of the already existing Undertale Music group, created by Anime Mallet Arrangements nearly 5 months ago.
Sorry to bother you if you wouldn't like to join, I'm just popping in to make sure that you know there's already an Undertale group, and it's thriving with almost 500 members. Seeing as we're both working toward the same goal, spreading the joy of Undertale, and our group is already well-established, we'd just like to invite all of you to join.
Have a nice day!
We're over here:

3 years ago

Might want to change the description.

Dude, Undertale is awesome, but you can't call it everyone's favorite rpg 0_o It's barely a couple months old now, and people are getting tired of the raging and easily offended fanbase. Plus, there's simply better rpgs out there.

3 years ago