Anna Sutyagina plays The Scent of Rain

I like to draw your attention to Music Classics TV. I'm happy to announce that Music Classics TV made me 'Composer of the week'.

Russian-German pianist Anna Sutyagina is the driving force behind Moving Classics TV.
Anna uses modern muldimedia techniques like video, blogs and streaming, for the promotion of new piano music.

Anna released a video recording giving a beautiful poetic performance of my piano composition The Scent of Rain:

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a year ago

Are Wabi-Sabi format scores exclusively one page long?

I'm entering a few of my scores that fit with the dedication of this group; that which immortalizes instants of existence in their complexities and simplicities, if I understood. But... there's the question above. Before you started the group but while you were contemplating it, you said that it would be open to scores up to a page. I was wondering if those rules still applied, and hence my scores were not applicable.

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Eye of the beholder .

DECAY ! I love it as do many others. Be careful in your statements -nothing is sacred since around 1910 or before .What was liszt doing in those last pieces ? Nah , we all swin in it and our society is consumed by it. Make a star or sex god then bring dere a... down .Nero knew. It's been a sign of madness for a long time but too me it's just one more toy in da grab bag. I'm SOOO HAPPY ! I don't think you meant that statement but thanks for staring this group. I'm gonna start my own simply titled MADNESS AND DECAY .Everybody will want to be in dat bedroom ! since I interpret it and see it in your work too. Smashing, destroying , Dismantling, is the play of the very young and now the intellectuals . And why do you say decay is not beautiful thing. I doubt you mean that . Beethoven definitely knew and was intereted in how things hold and what helps them fall apart as early as the Eroica symph. It is the obsession of Paul Bowles and much writing in the 20th century. Musical decay of sound is pretty enlivening as an experience as well as a guitar's decay pedal? One of my chief concerns is with erosion, corrosion , breaking down of borders, meanings , fraying.Adorno had a special term for it. Decay is pretty well recognized as worthy of exploration

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4 years ago