HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection >>>v3.0<<< UPDATED 5/3/14 >>>DRUMSETS NOW INCLUDED<<<

Mar 20, 2014

I have made a large soundfont for orchestra with realistic (mostly studio recorded) audio instead of generic MIDI... I then mixed those into the default soundfont, so that my good ones replace what they can, but the old MIDI for the ones I didn't have are still there... The link is at the bottom, but please take the time to read the full overview below.



Of course there are all of the old default sounds between these, but the above additions are mostly partitioned off together similar to the way the old defaults were... A few notes are as follows: The timpani set as default has a little bit of a smaller range, but what it has (I haven't fully tested it out yet...) Is the ability to input the same notes at higher octaves for different effects (Like hard or soft drum rolls...) Try it out... Otherwise please use the concert timpani near the bottom...
Long story short about the additions at the bottom of the list instead of putting everything in order is that I had to REPLACE the old sounds, or put the new sounds in the same bank the old ones were in and move the old ones to the bottom is I wanted to keep them... It is the way it works and if you want the default instruments to work you really need this feature to work. I would recommend checking the Display>Mixer settings (which sounds go to which instrument) before composing a new piece, adding new instruments, or playing someone else's piece... Otherwise you might get some misplaced sounds. (like piano for violin...) Currently I am only aware of HAVING to do the strings each time, the others should just be default...


FINALLY, here are some instructions on how to install the soundfont if you haven't done it before... It is really simple...
scroll down to the "MUSESCORE SETTINGS" Portion...

=========================OLDER VERSION DOWNLOADS=======================








=========================CURRENT VERSION v3.0============================
v3.0 additions:
- 2 pianos
- 2 electric pianos
- 1 harpsichord
- 1 Clavinet
- 1 Celesta
- 1 Glockenspiel
- 1 Music Box
- 1 Vibraphone
- 1 Marimba
- 1 Xylophone
- 1 Tubular Bells
- 1 Dulcimer
- 3 Organs
- 1 Reed Organ
- 1 Harmonica
- 1 Nylon Guitar
- 1 Steel Guitar
- 1 Jazz Guitar
- 1 Clean Guitar
- 1 Palm Muted Guitar
- 1 Overdrive Guitar
- 1 Distortion Guitar
- 1 Guitar Harmonic
- 1 Acoustic Bass
- 1 Fingered Bass
- 1 Picked Bass
- 1 Fretless Bass
- 1 Slap Bass 2
- 2 Synth Basses
- 1 Solo Viola
- 1 Solo Cello
- 1 Solo Contrabass
- 1 Pizzicato
- 1 Harp
- 1 Synth Strings 1
- 1 Choir Oohs
- 1 Choir Aahs
- 1 Synth Vox
- 1 Muted Trumpet
- 1 Brass
- 2 Synth Brass
- 1 English Horn
- 1 Recorder
- 1 Pan Flute
- 1 Chiff Bottle
- 1 Shakuhachi
- 1 Whistle
- 1 Ocarina
- 1 Square Wave
- 1 Saw Wave
- 1 Calliope Lead
- 1 Chiffer Lead
- 1 Charang
- 1 Solo Vox
- 1 Sawtooth Wave
- 1 Bass & Lead
- 1 Fantasia
- 1 Warm Pad
- 1 Polysynth
- 1 Space Voice
- 1 Bowed Glass
- 1 Metal Pad
- 1 Halo Pad
- 1 Sweep Pad
- 1 Soundtrack
- 1 Crystal
- 1 Atmosphere
- 1 Brightness
- 1 Goblin
- 1 Echo Drops
- 1 Banjo
- 1 Shamisen
- 1 Koto
- 1 Kalimba
- 1 Fiddle
- 1 Shenai
- 1 Agogo
- 1 Steel Drums
- 1 Woodblock
- 1 Melodic Tom
- 1 Synth Drum
- 1 Fret Noise
- 1 Breath Noise
- 1 Sea Shore
- 1 Bird Tweet
- 1 Telephone
- 1 Helicopter
- 1 Applause
- 1 Gun Shot
- 1 TR-909 DRUMSET!!!!!
- 1 SFX DRUMSET!!!!!
- Got rid of "Percussion" Drumset...



>>>>>>>>>>DOWNLOAD SOUNDFONT V3.0 HERE:<<<<<<<<<<



Um, I think you just reversed the trombone issue. I find that it is too QUITE now.
Alright... I am currently uploading a 2.0.1 fix for the trombone issue... I found a much better sound which, although a tad on the quieter side compared to the horns or trumpet, holds its own with the lower register brass... Please give me thoughts and comments, because I will continue to tweak it for a while... Speak now or forever hold your peace (until I feel motivated to make a v3.0...That stuff takes hours and hours or even days of straight work... Not fun!)
@jbraney97 How do I get it to work, I don't get it
UPDATED V2.1 ON 4/9/2014. REALLY SHOULD DOWNLOAD TO FIX PREVIOUS ISSUES. Please let me know any possible improvements.

BTW for my next update, I am working on finding some good sax soundbanks... YAY!!!!!
UPDATED ON 5/3/2014...

Massive update with TONS of instruments. The entire midi soundfont is now full of better sounds... Only a few original ones remain, and those are because they are actually pretty good. Full changelog now in .txt downloadable file instead of listed above. Previous version links added. V3.0 Also has TONS of sounds for recording only, as they exist outside of the normal 0:Whatever Bank... Those will not register if you share it with someone who doesn't have the soundfont unless you save to .wav...

is there any way you could make the latest download file into sf2? my mac can't open the sfark file and cant run any windows apps.
@alai16 Polyphone can open Sfark files and save them as sf2 v
I need to upload it compressed... It is an sf2 file. You just need to get the extractor on this website... Here is a link:


Let me know if this won't work and I will try to upload it as a .zip or .rar file. Let me know which one you need. If all else fails, I can try uploading it uncompressed, as an sf2 file, but that takes forever because it is over half a gigabyte. Thanks, and make sure to give me feedback so I can continue to update it!
I tried to get the extractor but my computer doesnt support any of the programs... Would you mind uploading it uncompressed as an sf2?
You say half a gigabyte (GB) thats 500 Mega Bytes, its not large, for me. Usually 2 GB takes 10 Mins on download time, Thanks for the small memory by the way. I was expecting 30 GB of memory (Seriosly, no joke.)
In the latest version the piccolo can only reach the high D and not above...
Sorry about that! I really don't have the time anymore to work on this, but I give anybody full permission to download the file and edit it. It isn't too too hard if you are computer savvy. Just use the software below. I spent tons of time just finding the right FREE software...

- Viena (Not Vienna)
- Polyphone
- GOOGLE (To find out how to do things like change velocity, keys assigned to certain samples, etc. Long process, but definitely worth it.)
- SAVE FREQUENTLY... Any time you edit a soundfont, copy it, and edit the original. They screw up frequently, so save frequently, and copy them (like makeshift backups) before editing them.
- Get user feedback...
- Feel free to ask me questions if you don't know how to do something... I might be able to tell you without spending hours trying to find the answer on google...
- EXPERIMENT! Use backup soundfonts to experiment and find out what does what. Because you are hopefully doing this on copies, it shouldn't matter if you screw anything up. This is the biggest way I learned!
Solo Viola, Solo Cello, Solo Contrabass but no Solo Violin? :O
Soundfont is great, but I just noticed something: when I switched over to using this, all of the instrument names changed. That in it's self isn't weird; most soundfonts do that. However I noticed that the "Synth. Brass" sound changed to "AccesVirusBrass". I don't want to accuse you of trying to infect people's computers, but I'm sure you can understand my concern in finding something like this. I would appreciate an explanation, if possible, but so far it seems safe so I'll trust you. I do love the soundfont though; it's one of my top favorites ;)
Huh, that's WEEEEIIIIIRRRDDD... I have genuinely not seen that before. As stated before, I downloaded all the soundfonts from the interwebs, and tweaked volume lvls and such. When I still used it, I used it for months with no problem or indication of a virus... Try downloading it again... That's about all I can tell you. You are the only person to have told me about this before. Also try running it through AVG or a similar program.

I understand your concern. Let me know what you find! As I also said earlier, I do not continue developement of this project. It is too much of a time sinkhole, with no return for myself involved (Have more proffesional sounds now...)
Ok, thanks for the answer :) I didn't really think that it was a virus (much less that you would have put it there purposely), but I just wanted to make sure ;) So far it hasn't affected anything, so I'm sure it's safe.
Is there away you can make an uncompressed v3.0? My Musescore always seems to bug out when it comes to soundfonts but I still like it. Do I have to completely start a new score for the soundfont to take effect?
Oh yes, and your soundfont is the only one that has not sounded horrible on one of my songs that uses templates ;)
It's probably because I accidentally downloaded an older version
Great improvement over the default sound font for the violin. Thanks for working on this.

I notice the violin range in 3.0 stops at top C, which is fine for most orchestral parts. But solo violin parts can go right up to top A (often as a harmonic). Any chance of adding a solo violin with this extended range in the future?

If we could have "harmonic" as another channel that would be great as well - something for a future wishlist possibly.
I love this soundfont, it sounds so much better! I have run into one thing though.. on some of the woodwinds (All the clarinets, bassoon, and oboe) whenever the instrument is playing there is a white-noise "chirp" (like a jazz brush strike on a snare) that's very rhythmic (every other beat, regardless of the notes being played). When they're silent, so is the sound.

I've tried everything I can think of to clear it but it's still there. Has anyone experienced this?
I've experienced the same thing (the white noise in some woodwind instruments). While this issue REALLY bugs me quite a bit, I still commend the creator for their work. This is a really well put together soundfont. I hope this has an easy fix...
First time finding this. Thank you so much for taking all the time to do this! Very grateful. I was using the choirs and I did notice it had what sounded like a white noise that would pop in. No real complaints from me though, this is amazing and thank you.


I downloaded the old version, lol.
I have the same problem as Alice66770, I hear 'chirps' and 'pops' , for example in oboe or violin (no problem with viola or cello). Is there any solution to remove this noise? May it be a problem with computing power of my PC?
I think we all have this issue. I don't know how to erase this sound.
Hey, what about the violin sound? Is there solo violin sound? And do the synth strings sound real? I'm interested in your soundfont.
In v 3.0 few woodwinds, namely Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (maybe more) are tainted with "shh" sound at the end.

Picolo flute as well
Is this soundfont Creative Commons or have any copyright restrictions associated with it?
it's awful
Oh well, I just use reed organ instead
Thanks for this, it really a good soundfont, please keep improving it you did a great work!
its not letting my download your soundfonts for windows 7 my winrar cant not recognize can you please tell me how to download with another program or send me the winrar files to your soundfont please
I do think that this might be what I was looking for. If this can work, thanks!!!!! One question, is this easy to download into musescore basically download and then add it?
Is there a way to get the soundfont not compressed in a zip file? My computer's unable to open zip files.
Well, I was able to download it. Let me just say that the dynamics for each need to be regulated a bit more. When I have an ensemble play mp, the flutes would usually play f while the oboe would play ppp. Oh and for dynamics like cresendo and decresendo, those didn't exactly happen. Also, for Bass Clarinet, at least, the sound does not go below a D. Other than that, it was really good, everything sounded more realistic.
Hi, if I produce music using your soundfont, do I have the rights to it?
Hey guys, I am so sorry I haven't been responding to these. I literally have not touched this soundfont in over two years and haven't been checking this... :P

First off, there are issues, I know. You're welcome to try and fix them if you want.

Second off, I really don't deserve much credit, as I didn't create any of these. As I have said before (maybe not here, I didn't check), all I did was scour google for a few weeks to try and find the best soundfont for each individual instrument that I could. I then used simple editing software to put them into one grand one, and hey presto...

So in that case, to answer Tranman's question, you should have the rights... They certainly aren't mine. I didn't get any of them illegally via torrenting or anything, all of them were freely available. Either way, you don't have to credit anyone really, and you certainly won't get into any trouble, so have fun!

(Who knows, maybe one day I'll revisit soundfonts and make something a bit better and more organized. I wonder how many new soundfonts have been made since I did this!)

Maybe one day I'll compile a new one, hopefully this time it won't have a lot of the same problems (hissing, popping, file size, etc.), since I've become much more associated with software and code relating to sounds. Anyways, I make no promises. Just a thought! :P

Oh yeah! Almost forgot the worst error of all, and the biggest in my side! Sound balancing... *Shudders* Some instruments are WAY too loud, and others are WAY to quiet, so that it becomes hard to properly balance the sounds without heavily using the volume knobs, or using impractical dynamics notation... Anyways, if I ever do return to this, that'll definitely be a fix! ^_^
Hey, I can't go to that website that can download version 3 soundfont. Would you just give me something like another link (URL) to download it? I really wanna download it, but I can't....
how do we intall to musescore?

That is the official page that explains how to install soundfonts, but the quick version is to drop the .sf2 file in the right folder, go to "Synthesizer" in musescore (You might have to reboot to get it to "see" the file), and move the soundfont you want to the top.
My woodwinds are making a clicking noise after every note they play. Is this normal for this soundfont? Do you know how I can fix it?
How do you make it work with windows 10?
I'm sorry about the clicking. I remember that being a problem before. You can chose to either live with it, fix it (I linked the software I used to create this above), or use another one. I have not worked on this in a few years, and probably won't again, as it took me a lot of time to compile, and I no longer really use Soundfonts (VSTs for the win!)
I am aware of no problems with windows 10. I still use this soundfont for song construction in musescore, and I have windows 10. No problems here. I would check your drivers, and see if musescore is the problem. Try running it in compatibility mode.

Another thing you could do is make sure that your MIDI drivers are up to date. You might want to check into the ASIO drivers and make sure everything is good. That's about all I can suggest at the moment!

(If you don't know what any of this is, then google is your friend!)
I'm on Windows 10 and am hearing the snare drum noise with the oboe. If you can hear it, trying making your sounds longer.
I've just downloaded this soundfont and for some reason when I try to add it to the synthesizer, it says "Cannot load SoundFont U:/My Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts/HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v3.0.sf2" Any idea why or how to fix that?
i personally like the fluid soundfont as i can get loud trombone (and other loud instrument) sounds in my music like my Maester Mika boss battle suite which is a boss theme for my book and it would not sound boss battle theme like without the loud sounds i get through the fluid soundfont.

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